Linked Repeater Systems

Linked repeater systems offer a unique operating experience compared to stand-alone repeaters. RF links are a valuable resource because they have no dependence on the internet which may not be reliable in times of disaster when we need them most.

North Central Texas Connection

NCTC is a repeater system with linked radios that are spread across North Central Texas (and beyond). The UHF and VHF repeaters are mostly linked using RF link radios, but some internet links are sometimes connected via AllStar, DMR, Wires-X and EchoLink. The primary objective is to provide communications between the National Weather Service in Fort Worth and SKYWARN storm spotters during times of inclement weather. See the NCTC System Map for a map of repeater locations and other details. Facebook groups: NCTC Repeater Status and NCTC Radio have further information related to the system. Sometimes other linked repeater systems are added during severe weather, state emergency drills, training nets and special occasions. Other affiliated systems include: FLG ETECS ERS NESTxLINK N5OAK

East Texas Emergency Communication Service

The ETECS system has repeaters in Tyler, Red Springs, Rusk, Edom , Henderson , City of Hideaway , Gilmer , Athens , Wills Point , Palestine

W5EBQ Repeater System

The W5EBQ Repeater System have wide-area coverage due to the height of the Dallas Green Building. 52.59, 146.7 and 441.925 FM repeaters are linked together.

N6LXX repeater system

N6LXX 53.13 and 443.7375 FM repeaters are located on a 1500 foot tower in Rosston, TX with wide-area coverage. When propagation opens up on 6 meters the system is able to link to repeaters located in TX, CA, NV, CO

W5DFW - Republic of Texas Repeater System

The W5DFW repeater on 29.66 FM is linked to several UHF remote base repeaters in the DFW area. See the Internet Archive because the server is misbehaving. I recommend scanning all listed frequencies for occasional DX and other fascinating traffic.