Hello, I'm Calvin Gluck and I'm a volunteer in the Amateur Radio Service.

My grandfather, Robert W Gluck (silent key), was the first to introduced me to amateur radio. I was fascinated every time I had the opportunity to watch and listen as he spun the VFO and made contacts. I had the privilege to activate his expired W7KYG call and I try to honor his memory through my service to the community.

Unfortunately, Morse code was a license requirement and I still haven't learned and become proficient enough to copy or send code without the assistance of a computer.

I spend much of my free time reading about technology and space exploration. When I discovered the ISEE-3 reboot project I was inspired by the volunteers who used software defined radio to regain contact with the abandoned space probe. While reading about ISEE-3 I realized that there are also satellites with amateur radio payloads that are available for use by ham operators. This gave me the motivation to study for my test and I was licensed in August 2014. I upgraded to General class in 2016. Now I am slowly learning the art of radio.

My ham radio interests include satellite work, HF contests, special event stations and the National Traffic System. I am also collaborating with other developers on the qruqsp.org open-source project. We are building an amateur radio development platform initially aimed at ARES groups and individuals interested in digital communications, weather sensors and experimentation with software-defined radios, TNC, APRS and weather stations.

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