222.000 29.500 -> 223.500 30.460 -> 224.460 All modes from your 10 Meter Rig are supported: FM, SSB, Digital, etc.' />

Hello. I'm W7KYG. This is a place where I collect information about Amateur Radio. Below are announcements that may be of interest to amateur radio operators.

Field Day June 25-26

Every June, more than 40,000 hams throughout North America set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio's science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. Start planning now. Use the Field Day Station Locator to find clubs operating at locations near you. Review the rules and resources, especially if you plan to operate without the help of a local club. Sign up for and try the free QRUQSP Field Day Logger.

Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology

This expenses-paid professional development program is intended to provide teachers with tools and strategies to introduce basic electronics, the science of radio, space technology and satellite communications, weather science, and micro-controllers to their students.
To qualify, applicants must be an active schoolteacher at an elementary, middle, high school or at a college or university, or in a leadership or enrichment instruction role in an after-school or collective homeschool program. Please refer teachers to this web page for more information.

L222-28HP Transverter For Sale

I'm selling my used Downeast Microwave L222-28HP Transverter for $300. It's in excellent shape and I'm only selling because I upgraded to the new multi-band transverter. I have kept this powered on and scanning the 220 repeaters and simplex frequencies most of the time since I purchased it in late 2016. These can be purchased from Q5signal.com for $639.
Below are the configurations selected when I ordered:
[IF Configuration:Common IF Configuration (Single line from the Transceiver)]
[IF Drive Level:1-10Watts]
[RF configuration:HP Common RF Configuration (single connection to the Antenna)]
Max input power is 10 watts which produces output power of 50 Watts.
Transverter frequencies are calculated by simple arithmetic:
28.000 -> 222.000
29.500 -> 223.500
30.460 -> 224.460
All modes from your 10 Meter Rig are supported: FM, SSB, Digital, etc.

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RF Exposure Rule Compliance

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Plan Now To Communicate During Disasters

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